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North Vancouver approves new brewery district for Lonsdale

A sizeable area near the City of North Vancouver’s Lonsdale waterfront has been designated as the region’s newest brewery cluster.

Last week, North Vancouver city council approved an industrial commercial zoning amendment recommended by city staff for the 200 block of East 1st Avenue and the 200 and 300 blocks of East Esplanade, effectively turning a multi-city block area into a brewery district.

The area is mainly light industrial, with uses such as car garages, studios, laboratories, and small-scale manufacturing.

The municipal government says it has received interest from a number of parties to submit applications to build a new brewery with an attached restaurant-lounge space, but under previous city policies, every lounge added to these businesses would require a rezoning in order to be built.

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North Vancouver Real Estate Market – November 2018

We’re gonna learn the prices and trends for North Vancouver real estate for November 2018. I’m Davis Kosowan realtor this is the same information I use when I’m putting together real estate deals for my clients and today we’re gonna find out where the real estate opportunities exist in the North Vancouver real estate market in November 2018.

The market has corrected in North Vancouver.

Detached supply-and-demand we have 433 for sale40 houses sold in November.

The graph shows that there’s still a wide gap between listings and solds our months of inventory is 11 months which puts us in a buyers market we have 40 sold now the previous month there were 69 and 2 properties over the $3.0M dollar mark sold in November homes sold over the $3.0M price range – and previous month was 5.

The average sold price is $1,743,537 homes are selling for approximately 93% of their list price last month was 95%. Average days on market is 46 compared to the previous month of 39 so we’re seeing bigger discounts and longer days on market.

And in big-ticket items and builders corner 76 new houses on the market one sold in the month of November. Also months in 2018 where there was one sold was July and September. There are 68 homes over the $3.0M mark currently listed for sale in North Vancouver and the hot three neighbourhoods starting with number 3 is:

  • Lynn Valley 
  • Canyon Heights 
  • and number one Boulevard

This is 2 months in a row where Canyon Heights has been in the top 3.

And for the North Vancouver attached market, that’s condos and townhomes:

Supply and demand we’ve got 411 properties for sale that’s down from the previous month and 98 properties sold. Our months of inventory for attached ins for 4 months which puts us back into a balanced market for condos.

And the attached snapshot we have for North Vancouver we’ve got 98 properties sold 16 of those properties are priced at $1,000,000 or higher now that’s lower than November 2017 one year ago but it’s consistent with the September trend we’ve have here in 2018 September, October, November all around the same number 16.

The average sold price for condos is about $1.0 million less than houses at $ 796,150 condos are selling for approximately 96 % of their list price with an average days on market of 34 days.

Big-ticket items in the attached market we’ve got 121 properties listed over the $1.0 million mark and 16 sold. Our hot 3 neighbourhoods for the attached market starting with number 3 is:

  • Lynn Valley 
  • Lower Lonsdale 
  • number 1 going to Central Lonsdale.

This is the first time in a long time or Lower Lonsdale has not had the number one position.

So where are the opportunities in this market?

Buyers clearly have an advantage in the detached market and all knows those who are moving up the property ladder in this market will do particularly well. Selection is good and the gap between different property segments is narrower than it’s been in a very long time. Selection is good and prices are good.

I’ve created my buyers and sellers guides to help educate my clients and help them avoid costly mistakes in the buying and selling of real estate it’s helped to them and it can help you too so click the links below in the description they’ll take you to a page where you can download my free buyer’s guide and seller’s guide .

Meet the Market North Vancouver Real Estate Transcript

Davis Kosowan here with Meet the Market North Vancouver real estate update giving you stats and data in real time so you can make better real estate decisions.
We’re covering the month of October 2018 we’ll be reviewing detached properties attached properties opportunities that are available to you in this market and resources that are available to you for watching this video.
In the detached market you’ll see that we have four hundred and seventy seven properties on the market for sale and 69 detached properties sold now comparing that to some previous years we see October 2016 had 62 sold that was shortly after the first foreign buyers tax was introduced in October 2008 we saw 55 sold in 2008 while that was the meltdown of the North American the / global economy but guess what we all survived our months of inventory is 7 which clearly puts it on in a buyers market some people would interpret seven months as being in a balanced market but with what is actually going on in all segments in North Vancouver it’s very clear to me that we’re still in a buyers market in our detached snapshot we’re looking at 69 properties sold five of those over three million dollars an average sold price is one point one six million dollars detached are selling for approximately 95 percent of list price with an average of 39 days on market in builders corner and big-ticket items again we’re seeing some promising signs there’s still 83 new homes on the market right now in North Van and 72 homes over the three million dollar mark there were five properties sold over the three million dollar mark there were four new construction homes which is significantly higher than previous months and it’s showing one thing to me that savvy buyers are buying our hot three properties starting with number three is West Lynn number two is Edgemont and number one is Canyon Heights something I’ve noted here is we’re starting to see a pattern of Lynn Valley no longer being the number one or even in the top three it’s held the number one position for a very long time for detached homes we’re seeing the re-emergence of Edgemont because prices have come down people love Edgemont and people are moving there and taking advantage of those corrected prices.

Attached homes in North Vancouver we’re seeing a hundred and one sold with four hundred and sixty five properties on the market our months of inventory is five which I say is a cautionary balanced market it’s really transitioning into buyers like we’re we’re there we’re living in the transition as we speak condos were the darling of the North Vancouver market for the past year and a bit but they’ve also experienced the trickle down effect of supply versus demand and the gap in between and for attached properties the sold snapshot we have 101 sold properties 16 of those properties are priced at million dollars or higher the average sold price is seven hundred and ninety thousand dollars condos are selling now at 98 percent of list price on average and an average days on market of twenty two attached
big-ticket items we’ve got one hundred and forty five properties listed over 1 million dollars and 16 sold previous month was 22 sold and again we’re seeing a shake up in the top three neighborhoods number three Central Lonsdale number two Lynnmour and number one lower Lonsdale so this is the first time inI don’t know maybe forever where Lynnmour has been in the top three we’re seeing a lot of sales in two segments up around Cap University there’s you know all those older larger square footage condos that people are buying because of affordability and there’s also all the new towers in the Lynn Moore Lynn Creek area better that have come up and people living in them and they’re now starting to sell them so the town center format that the district has running with is starting to come to fruition.
So where are the opportunities in this market ? this is a fantastic market if you want to move yourself up the property ladder going from one-bedroom condo to a two-bedroom condo going from a two-bedroom condo to a townhouse or detached home this is also an excellent market to be moving from a non quality property to a high quality property what does that mean a non quality property was like let’s say you live right next door to the garbage dump and you want to sell and move into a you know maybe a nicer quieter place where the air is clean this kind of market accommodates that even though you’re gonna take a hit on your non quality property the price adjustments that have occurred in the quality property are making giving you that opportunity that does not exist in a hot seller’s market to make that jump and move up the ladder also if you’re a cash buyer and you’re just looking for a good price on a quality property this is an excellent market for that this is also a fantastic time to look at a new home there’s a few on market and it’s a great selection and some of them are of outstanding quality and people who have a lot of money are now buying properties so that tells you something my buyers guide and sellers guide will help you be informed and help you avoid some costly mistakes in the buying and selling process so click the links below in the description they’ll take you to a page where you can for free download my buyer’s guide and sellers guide click in the bottom right hand corner to subscribe and also click that little bell that’ll give you notifications for when my new videos come out want to know the value of your home contact me to find out hit that like button.

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24th Annual REALTORS Care® Blanket Drive

 November 13 to 20, 2018

Since it started 24 years ago, the Blanket Drive has helped more than 345,000 people in our communities stay warm and dry. Last year alone, more than 38,000 people received a blanket, coat, or other donation from the Blanket Drive.

Here’s how you can help

Between November 13 and 20, REALTOR® volunteers will collect warm clothing and blankets across the region. The donations are then distributed to partner charities from the same community where the item was donated.

Please donate the following items for all ages:

  • gently used or new blankets or sleeping bags
  • warm clothing, coats
  • hats, gloves, scarves
  • new socks and underwear
  • plastic ponchos, bivy sacks

Socks are especially important for the homeless. They’re as good as gold. Find out why by listening to this item from CBC radio, Sunday Edition:

Drop off your donations at any of these Lower Mainland real estate office locations.

Thank you!

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